Detox Questions Answered

Good morning and happy Sunday!

I am getting some questions regarding the upcoming 10 day detox and wanted to share some of my answers with you in case you have these questions too.

  • Can I still drink COFFEE on the detox? The answer is YES! I just recommend that you reduce it to one cup either black or with a splash of non-dairy creamer, like almond milk.
  • Can I eat MEAT on the detox? MOSTLY YES.   The first 3 days of the detox is vegan, so no meat is included during this phase.  The next 7 days you get to customize your plan to include choices for vegans or meat eaters.  The detox is designed for you to add your own 'clean protein' of choice to each meal. I give you both plant-based and animal based recipes so you will have lots of options!
  • Can I drink ALCOHOL on the Detox?  Well... this one I have to say NO. BUT it is only for 10 Days and honestly, your body will thank you for giving your liver a break.

  • Can I workout during Detox? Absolutely! As a personal trainer and health coach I encourage it. If you are feeling a little low energy at any time during detox, then I suggest taking it easy and switching to a low-impact workout. Detox symptoms pass, so don't worry, you will feel MORE energetic soon.
  • Will I be STARVING? Not at all! The first 3 days of this program are the most restrictive, but I will offer you a list of acceptable snacks to keep you from being hungry.  The next 7 days There are recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and there is room for snacks in between. Every meal is delicious and my recipes are created by a fabulous chef to nourish your body from the inside out. This program is not about starvation or deprivation, and we are not counting calories or dwelling on carbs. You will feel satisfied with every bite.

Okay... these are the questions I have gotten so far... but I am happy to answer any questions you have, so send them my way!

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