Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Healthy Holiday Gift IdeasGet a jumpstart on your fitness and wellness wishes with some gifts that will invigorate your family, friends, and yourself.  As we all know, the best gifts are often those that are meaningful, heartfelt, and useful.  Take a break from passive presents and begin to give gifts that will be a fun and functional part of your friend’s and family’s routine.  The following is a list of some great gift ideas that will inspire you to enter the New Year in healthy and active way.  Take a look!

•  Gift Certificates

Don’t forget that a custom fitness session with me can be the perfect gift!  Gift certificates are available for personal training, weight loss coaching, or nutritional counseling.  My comprehensive programs are a fun and personal way to start the New Year!

•  Rice Cooker

At this high altitude, cooking rice perfectly and avoiding that burnt, sticky layer at the bottom of the pan is next to impossible.  Rice cookers reliably end the mess and deliver perfectly cooked rice every time.  Keep in mind that including whole grains in your diet is a great way to improve your meals, so throw some brown rice, quinoa or barley in and get cooking!

The top rated rice cookers vary in price from $100 - $250

• Lulu Lemon

The fashionable and functional apparel offered by Lulu Lemon is perfect for any fitness occasion.  These are some of the best workout and yoga clothes I have come across, and I continue to be impressed by them.  The clothes are long lasting, durable, stand up to multiple washings, and come out looking new.  Great selections can be found here in Aspen at O2 and the Aspen Club as well as online.

• Nintendo Wii Fitness Ultimatum 2010


Break out the kid in you and discover all of the new interactive games and programs offered by Nintendo Wii.  Getting a great and diverse workout in the comfort of your own home is now available- check out trainer Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2010. Get the whole family involved!

• Sodastream Fountain Jet Home Seltzer/Soda Maker; $79.99 for Seltzer Lovers Startup Kit

Put some fizz in your diet with this home seltzer maker! Seltzer is a zero-calorie drink that can be a replacement for soda and sugary drinks when served with a splash of 100% fruit juice or a few slices of lemon, lime or orange. Making seltzer at home in reusable bottles is convenient, environmentally sound and cost-effective: A 1-liter bottle of homemade plain seltzer costs just 20 cents!

• Strollometer


Get outside with the kids and go!  This little gizmo helps you get the most of what you are already doing: strolling!  It is a wireless, eight-function speedometer/odometer that easily straps onto any baby stroller, measuring speed, distance, temperature and more. This little device will help to keep moms and dads in shape all year long.

• Heidi Hot Shorts and Hats

This fun, flirty, and creative company is worth checking out!  They sell hot shorts that are perfect for Bikram’s yoga as well as lots of other one-of-a-kind clothing that really stands out!  Buy Heidi Shorts locally at the Bikram’s Yoga in Aspen or Basalt.

• GoWear Fit


This lifestyle and calorie management system is an amazing tool for keeping track of all the elements to fitness. Wear it during the course of your regular day, then plug it into your computer and upload your data. It helps to establish your goals, track your progress, and gives you tools to help you know how many calories you're eating, on average, per day.  I have received excellent reviews of the product from clients who have used it with great success.

• Zoku Quick Pop Maker


Create your own frozen popsicles, including cream-filled varieties, in as few as seven minutes!  These tasty treats are an excellent, healthy, and economical substitute to expensive desserts- get creative and discover your new favorite flavors!

Gifts Under $20

• Yoga Mat and Videos

An invigorating yoga routine can be easy to slip into any busy schedule, if it is available at home.  A yoga mat and instructional video is a great way to get into a rhythm and can make a perfect holiday gift.  Check out Brian Kest’s instructional videos.  He offers a great selection for all levels of experience.  The Bar Method Body is also a fantastic resource and combines ballet, yoga, and Pilates into a routine that will keep you interested and energized!

• Nalgene Water Bottles

Here’s a healthy gift or stocking stuffer that could work for almost anyone on your list. Everyone could benefit from drinking more water and fewer sugary beverages. Nalgene water bottles are available in both stainless steel and BPA-free plastic varieties and an array of colors, shapes and sizes.  They are available online, or here in town at the Ute Mountaineer and Aspen Sports.

• Healthy Magazines and Cookbooks

Stuff a stocking with the latest issue of your favorite healthy magazine or cookbook - Cook Light offers magazines and cookbooks that provide a wealth of nutrition and fitness information, along with dozens of great recipes to start the New Year off right!