Healthy Meatballs ?

My friend Katie has been telling me about this new restaurant in town, The Meatball Shack.  Owned by her good friends, it is the new fun place to have a meal with friends or hang out with your kids in Aspen.

Katie kept telling me that you can find healthy things on the menu.

I was skeptical.

So here is the fun concept:  Choose your meatball, and choose a yummy sauce!  And she was right, I found some beautiful and healthy vegetarian dishes on the menu.

Like this GORGEOUS quinoa salad with grilled endive!

And this YUMMY brussel sprout dish with pomegranate seeds!

And Ya'll, the Meatballs are really good too!  We tried three different meatballs and three different sauces, and loved every bite.

Adorable couple, Lori and Michael Gurtman.

Owners of The Meatball Shack.

The Meatball Shack