Q & A : it has been tricky to get back on track...

hi Lisa. Thank you for the support and follow up with me... Honestly, as in the past I lost my momentum while I was sick I would say. Mostly I was just not eating anything, then once I felt better, it has been tricky to get back on track... I found myself creating ridiculous excuses about workouts and food... again. So to say I have been struggling would be honest. I guess the good out of the situation is that I am aware of the lack of discipline at this point... and I am very ready and willing to get back on track. I feel so silly about this. I don't know why, but I feel so sorry for myself each time I "deny" myself food... I just can't get over the self pity of it all??? Anyways, here's to tomorrow and getting back on track and to the place I want to be. Sorry for the rambling... we will be in touch when I return. Thanks again.


This is all so normal. It is difficult to change habits, and your body and your mind will rebel. (Rebellious is actually a good word for your mind’s response towards change.)

No matter. Keep the course and stay positive and be happy. You are a remarkable person! Do not try to be perfect all of the time. Perfection is unrealistic and unobtainable and not necessary for success.

Trying to be perfect is what makes you feel like rebelling against your plan.

Two goals to consider: Focus on eating healthy 90% of the time. Make a conscious effort to not feel full or stuffed after eating.

If you make mistakes or feel deprived, let it go and enjoy the treats that you think you want. The program will still work.