Transformation Story: Meet Earlene!

Meet one of my favorite clients, Earlene. I am thrilled to share her story of transformation.

I met Earlene 5 years ago at The Roaring Fork Club and she became one of my private training clients.  She lives in LA with her husband Herb, but they spend the summer months in Colorado.  She was 69 years old when we met, and was recovering from total knee replacement surgery.  She had just been cleared by her doctor to start exercising.  Earlene has a bright and sunny disposition and a very positive attitude.  She was very determined to regain her strength, mobility and balance after the knee replacement so that she could get back to playing tennis, working in her garden and enjoying an active lifestyle.  When we met, she was overweight, but weight loss was not a goal that she was ready to commit to.  

We worked together for two summers and she did get strong!  She hired a trainer in LA and continued to do strength training year round.  She started walking and water aerobics to improve her endurance, and eventually got back to playing tennis! 

When Earlene came back to Colorado for our third summer together, she told me at our first meeting that she was ready to talk about nutrition and weight loss.  She is 5"4", and at that time weighed 158 pounds.  I started her on a simple 3 day elimination diet: Removing sugar, coffee, alcohol, gluten and dairy.  We raised her intake of fruits and vegetables from 2-3 servings daily to a minimum of 5 servings per day.  I helped her plan menus that she and her husband would both enjoy and offered ongoing support and guidance.  The coffee elimination was the hardest part for her!  She was used to sipping coffee all day long instead of drinking water.  So after the 3 day elimination was accomplished, we added the coffee back in but limited it to one cup in the morning, after which she drank 28 ounces of water with fresh lemon.  She was already starting to feel amazing.  She had more energy, less knee pain and was getting excellent results.....losing 6 pounds the first week! 

We continued to work together for 12 weeks, during which time Earlene lost 30 pounds and went from a "tight size 14" to a size 6.   As you can see from the photos it was more than weight loss, it was a total transformation!  Her skin hair and eyes are glowing, she has terrific energy and she had to buy an entire new wardrobe, including bras and underwear!

Earlene and I have remained close and continue to work together every summer.  Last year, she had a serious health scare that was a major set back.  She has recovered completely now, and is back to full health.  Her doctor's credit her incredible health status as a contributing factor in her recovery.  I believe that is true.  That, combined with her unwavering positive attitude and determination.

Yours in health,