The Ultimate Wellness Circle is an ongoing membership community -- which means you get new healthy lifestyle content and coaching from me every month, for as long as you remain a member. 

The Ultimate Wellness Circle!

It’s all about healthy living for modern women.

If you want more motivation, inspiration, support, fitness tips and LOTS OF RECIPES,  then join us!



During the first week of each month, I'll introduce a new theme that we'll be focusing on for that entire month.

Monthly themes will revolve around topics like…

  • Stress Management and Self Care
  • Meditation
  • Awesome Workouts You Can Do At Home
  • My Holistic Weight Management Plan
  • Anti-Aging And Beauty
  • Seasonal Nutrition
  • Private Group Challenges
  • ......And MORE.  Seriously, there is a whole lot more!

Every month you will also receive

  • New SIMPLE and QUICK recipes with complete shopping list!
  • New targeted workouts you can do at home in 20 minutes.
  • Exclusive health & wellness tips such as a meal plans, recommended supplements, product favorites, & more!

Membership PLUS

For a limited time I am offering membership PLUS a guaranteed private consult every month to help you stay on track and help reach your individual goals.  Customized workouts designed for your body and your life.  Personalized meal plan to reach personal goals, or address your dietary preferences. Privates are normally $125 but I am offering this membership level at only $72.

Limited availability so secure your monthly private now.

Secure recurring payment available online via a Paypal account balance or using a credit/debit card.  Paypal account registration is required to manage the recurring payments. 

As a special bonus, when you sign up you will receive my newest 7 day recipe guide

Renew!  The Anti-Aging Jumpstart.

This brand new program is filled with delicious recipes and wellness tips that will nourish your body and give you that natural GLOW from within.

Includes anti-aging tips, recipes complete with shopping lists, and advise to reverse aging to enjoy incredible health and wellness.


One of the biggest highlights of my Ultimate Wellness Circle is that you will NOT be left on your own to put piece together a wellness plan.

Instead, you will have constant access to my support, wellness advice and fitness and nutrition plans that work and you can always email me with questions.

You'll get access to my private Facebook Community, where you'll be able to ask questions, get feedback, share your wins, connect with other Ultimate members, and find the motivation you need.

If you have any questions please give me a shout, I'm excited to talk to you about this program. 

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  • Recipes and Shopping Lists
  • Specialized Workouts
  • Ongoing Support
  • Health and Wellness Discussion Topics
  • Exclusive Online Community 


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my newest eBook Free when you sign up.

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This guide includes all of my favorite anti-aging tips, recipes, and advise that will help you look and feel amazing.  

  • Anti-Aging Guide full of health-boosting tips, the best foods to eat to reverse aging to enjoy incredible health and wellness.

  • Recipe Guide packed with delicious meals that will nourish your body and help you feel energized and satisfied!

  • 7-Days Suggested Meals and Shopping List to make following the plan as easy and stress-free as possible

  • Anti-Aging Detox Resource that has fantastic information, tips, and methods to effectively cleanse the toxins that are creating damage and speed the renewal process.

  • Food Diary that will help you to be mindful of not only what you are eating but how you feel, how to focus on nourishment, health, and fulfillment, and will help you recognize bad habits and unhealthy relationships with food.