Attention: Anyone Who Is Done With Relying On Willpower Alone To Avoid Sugar…

Introducing my simple and supportive
5 day Sugar-Free Challenge starting April 9th. 

Watch Your Cravings Disappear In Just 5 Days Without Having To Feel Deprived.




When you sign up for my 5 Day Challenge, you get:

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  • 5 day, menu plan to take the guess work out of eating healthy!
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Remember that old saying, “I gained 5lbs from just walking into the bakery”... well, it’s kinda true. Our senses are all connected so when you smell sugar or have just a small taste of it, your pancreas produces a hormone called insulin.

Insulin’s job is to capture the sugar in your bloodstream (so you don’t have high levels of blood sugar) and deliver it to your brain and working muscles to be used for energy, except you only smelled sugar or maybe you had a really small amount -- your hormones don’t care… insulin is still secreted.


What I really want you to know is that if you’re trying to lose weight and get rid of your cravings you don’t have to cut out sugar entirely… you just need to know which kinds are the best to consume.

That’s why I’ve put this 5-Day Sugar-Free Challenge together… because willpower is no match for insulin.   

Are you in?