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No more back pain!  No more excess mommy weight!  And I feel great!  I hired Lisa because I wanted to feel that I had not given up on my own health and fitness because I had kids. After two children, I felt out of tired and out of shape, struggled with back problems because of my lack of core strength and for the first time in my life, I had a hard time motivating myself to exercise. What I especially liked about working with Lisa is she never made me feel bad about my body or my “perceived shortcomings”. I didn’t want a “boot camp” experience and found that kind of training intimidating. Lisa understood where I was coming as a mom and how birthing changes your body. She knew exactly how to rebuild my feminine shape. Plus it was inspiring to be around someone who looked how I wanted to look. She made our sessions fresh and fun with music, a great sense of humor and simple, creative exercises that kept me engaged. Lisa kept me focused on the progress I was making versus what I wanted change about my body. She really made it easy for me to stay on track. Now I have no back pain (I no longer need weekly chiropractor visits!), I feel much stronger, and I lost that pregnancy weight. I feel really good about my body.

Jenny Stay at Home Mom Basalt, Colorado

Not only am I fitter, my self-esteem improved.  After interviewing several people, I found Lisa best understood my expectations and goals and did not force her ideas on upon me. The variation and laughter in each of our sessions helped me persevere and commit to my health goals. And as a result of my commitment, I now have a stronger sense of well being, I feel stronger and much fitter. And this has improved my self-esteem and self-worth.

Lee Rittvo Therapist Basalt, Colorado

I lost the pregnancy weight and feel good about my body!  I hired Lisa because my post-pregnancy weight loss was at a plateau and I was looking for a nutrition work up and an exercise routine that would allow me to drop the last pounds I couldn't shed. In addition, I knew that getting to the gym on my own would be difficult. I loved the gentle but firm approach Lisa gave me. She pushed me to work harder than I would on my own and yet kept the workout moods light and fun. I really appreciated the great music, which was supremely motivating. Since working with Lisa, my shoulders have great definition which I didn't have before. My abs are stronger and tighter and it helps with posture. And my legs were really strengthened. The bottom line: I feel much better about myself, have more confidence and I look better in tank tops! I am so pleased with the results!

Erika Leavitt Freelance Development Specialist Basalt, CO

Being healthy is now a way of life for me.  I hired Lisa because I wanted to work with someone who practices what they preach. And Lisa is definitely very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about health. As a fitness instructor, I knew what to do physically, yet my challenges revolved around food and losing those pesky 5 to 10 extra pounds for my height. Lisa provided me with a variety of options to upgrade my exercise and food choices that I could easily integrate into my busy life. And she really listened and gave me that extra support when I needed it by gently pointing me in the right direction with great her ideas. But what I love most about working with Lisa is that she’s very real. She understood this wasn’t easy for me to let go of the food and exercise habits that were holding me back from my goals. She has this knack for saying just the right things to help me make progress. What I know realize is that I can’t cheat on my nutrition and fitness because my health affects my attitude and success in all areas (big and small!) of my life. Now I can honestly say that eating right and fitness are a way of life.  And the best part, I’ve lost the extra weight!

Laura Edgar Fitness Instructor Carbondale, CO

Lisa’s woman-to-woman approach renewed my fitness and confidence.  I wanted to work with a woman trainer who understood the “big picture.” Lisa’s reputation preceded her and I really liked how she interacted with her clients when I saw her at the gym. So it was easy to hire her. My favorite things about working with Lisa include:

  • She knows just how to read my energy level and adjust the workout to fit my mood and this gave me a lot of confidence and knowledge about fitness
  • Lisa brought structure and organization to our workouts which helped me relax and trust the process
  • Her skill with training exercises and deep understanding of the body helped me become stronger, fitter and more balanced
  • She made each session fun - no boring, repetitive exercises!
  • I learned how I can stay fit even though I have a foot handicap. I feel I learned things from her that will last me a lifetime.

Now I know exactly what to do get results when I work out on my own. And I found the courage to try new exercises like Yoga. I think Lisa’s woman-to-woman approach helped me renew my fitness level and I loved the fun “girl talk” while I worked out.

Valerie Welch Personal Assistant Basalt, Colorado

I’m fit enough to get back to my favorite outdoor activities!  After my second child was born, I unintentionally gave up working out regularly. As a result, I lost fitness and felt discouraged. When I did have a chance to go biking, hiking, skiing, etc., I felt anxious about not being strong enough or fit enough to enjoy the hike/ride/day on the slopes. I wanted a personal trainer to get strong again and also get back into the habit of working out regularly so that I could enjoy these activities again. I liked the variety in the workouts. There were always new exercises and challenges, so it never felt stale. I also liked your attitude and the way you were upbeat and motivating without a feigned, rah rah rah enthusiasm. I also loved the nutritional information you shared. Those recipes and healthy eating reminders were great motivation! Now my life looks like this…

  1. I feel great and I’m excited to get out and do the things I love to do.
  2. I'm back in the habit of exercising regularly.
  3. I know how to lift weights effectively.
  4. I'm fit and happy and taking on new fitness goals like my first century race next weekend!

Tricia Johnson Stay at Home Mom Basalt, Colorado

Smarter food choices and more effective workouts!  As a vegetarian and an athlete, I was concerned that my diet was not in balance.  Lisa analyzed my food journals and tweaked my diet where necessary.  Additionally, when I had a few extra pounds that would not come off, Lisa restructured my workouts to be more effective for the limited time that I had. Lisa’s attitude and approach was always positive and up-beat and this was very helpful.  She worked a lot with email, which works very well for me, and she was very responsive. Now I pay much more attention to what I eat.  I’m able to make smarter food choices with much greater ease and my workouts are more effective. I feel healthy!

Cindy Morse Realtor Snowmass Village, CO

Lisa profoundly and positively impacted our company’s wellness program.  In early winter of 2008 I contracted with Lisa Chapman, nutritionist and fitness consultant, to assist in the development of our worksite wellness program for our 200 staff, and I can honestly report that she has profoundly and positively impacted our program’s effectiveness.  I have found her consultation and guidance invaluable in my efforts, and her personal enthusiasm has been an inspirational model for everyone.  I would recommend her talents to anyone interested, on a personal or professional basis, in the enhancement of quality of life.

Dr. Stephen Comer Director of Human Resources Total Merchant Services