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August Ultimate

Welcome to The Ultimate Wellness Circle August!

Amazing Health and Wellness:
Why It's Not Just About Food And Exercise.

A happy, healthy life is more than the food we eat or the amount of exercise we get. It’s about love, our relationships, our career, our dreams, our goals, and our spirituality just to name a few. 

A person might have the healthiest diet in the world and exercise every day...…yet if other areas of their life are out of balance, he or she is definitely not going to feel their best.

“Just as food is needed for the body, love is needed for the soul.” – Osho

Click the links below for all of the amazing resources I am sharing with you in August.

But, first and foremost.....

You are going to LOVE my special surprise for you all this month....."The Ultimate Playlist" by DJ Bahkti Styler!


Music is Life, Celebrate it! 

I am so excited to give you all this very special gift.  My friend, the very talented Yogi and DJ, Tyler Lambuth has created an original playlist of music exclusively for you to sing, hike, and dance to. Tyler, also known DJ Bhakti Styler, is a phenomenal yoga teacher. His class is full of soul and energy.
Access your Ultimate Playlist

As a teacher of asana flow yoga and a devout lover of music, Tyler pairs beats to breath to inspire and move his students. 
"When you really love something, you want to share it with the world." - DJ Bhakti Styler (learn more at his website)

August Workouts:

The Ultimate Core Workout for Beginner and Advanced + Awesome Interval Workouts for the Treadmill.
Ultimate Core Workout (advanced)
Ultimate Core Workout (Beg/ Int)
4 Treadmill Workouts

August Recipes:

I have 10 new recipes for you this month! 2 breakfast recipes, 2 salads, 3 dinner entrees, 2 snack ideas, and a recipe for turmeric lemonade!
Download recipes and shopping list here: Access Recipes

August Content:

This month I am sharing with you a valuable health coaching exercise that I do with my private clients, BEFORE we ever talk about food. It is an exercise will open your eyes to the total picture of your health and wellness, and you guessed it.....It's Not Just About Food and Exercise!

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Later Event: September 1
September Ultimate