Thanksgiving Makover : 13 Healthier Recipes


Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I am looking forward to enjoying a long weekend off with friends and family!

I have been busy putting together recipes for a new 10-Day Detox program, working with so many amazing one-one clients AND putting together a HUGE program that will launch in the New Year.  Stay Tuned!

But what I'm even more excited about is the FREE Thanksgiving Menu I have created for you.  If you're looking for some healthier recipes to cook up for this Thanksgiving, I've got you covered!

This Thanksgiving-Ebook is my way of giving thanks - because having you read my emails every week, commit to my programs, order my beauty products and supplements, take on my challenges, cook up my recipes, and follow along in my social media world - is something I am INCREDIBLY grateful for.

YOU - make all that I do so fun, joyful and you keep pushing me to create more amazing recipes, programs and products that can help you be the healthiest and most vibrant version of yourself.


I hope you have an incredible Thanksgiving holiday and remember I’m here for a Free Breakthrough Session if you are looking for personalized support through the holidays.

Enjoy these delicious holiday recipes.

With gratitude,

Lisa C.