Get in shape using your iphone

imapmyfitness A new application for your iphone, powered by mapmyfitness.   The program uses the built in GPS technology on your iphone to allow runners, hikers, and cyclists to track their daily training information.  Features include:

  • pace
  • elevation gains
  • total distance
  • average speed
  • calories burned
  • maps of your route 

For more information, check out and 

iphone loseit! application

I first told you about this iphone application a few months ago.  Since then several of my clients have been using it, and I am really impressed.  The loseit! application  keeps a running tally of the calories you have consumed and the calories that you have burned throughout the day.  The program is user friendly and full of useful information.  This is a wonderful tool for helping you to stay on track and achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.  

 Go to the iphone appstore to download the loseit! application.