Core Strengthening Workout Video - Plank Challenge

Did you know that abdominal crunches are not the best way to strengthen your abs? The best way to improve abdominal and core strength is to do exercises that position you on your hands and feet. The plank pose, for example, is a basic strengthening exercise that demonstrates this fact. If you can hold a plank pose comfortably for 1 minute, you are ready to try more advanced forms of the plank.

This video demonstrates a “Plank Challenge”. Make sure your abdominal muscles are locked in, and your hands are directly under your shoulders. Maintain a strong plank pose throughout the exercise. This exercise works the abs, core muscles, postural muscles, chest and triceps. To make the workout more challenging, do 1 set of 10-20 pushups following the Plank Challenge. Yours in Health, Lisa Chapman

Video by Jillian Livingston Aspen Real Life